Regular Session

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SessionBill No.Bill DescriptionLast Event
2024HB 83Trust Funds/Re-creation/State-Operated Institutions Inmate Welfare Trust Fund/DOCSigned by Officers and presented to Governor
2024CS/CS/HB 197Health Care Practitioners and Massage TherapyOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 271Motor Vehicle Parking on Private PropertyOrdered engrossed, then enrolled
2024CS/CS/CS/HB 1021Community AssociationsOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/CS/HB 1029My Safe Florida Condominium Pilot ProgramOrdered enrolled
2024CS/HB 21Dozier School for Boys and Okeechobee School Victim Compensation ProgramOrdered enrolled
2024CS/HB 135Voter Registration ApplicationsOrdered engrossed, then enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 165Sampling of Beach Waters and Public Bathing SpacesOrdered enrolled
2024HB 187AntisemitismOrdered engrossed, then enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 341Designation of a Diagnosis on Motor Vehicle RegistrationsOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 385Safe Exchange of Minor ChildrenOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 437Anchoring Limitation AreasOrdered enrolled
2024CS/HB 461Excusal from Jury ServiceOrdered enrolled
2024CS/HB 487Lost and Abandoned PropertyOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 885Coverage for Biomarker TestingOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 1049Flood Disclosure in the Sale of Real PropertyOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/CS/HB 1065Substance Abuse TreatmentOrdered enrolled
2024HB 1109Security for Jewish Day Schools and PreschoolsOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 1133Violations Against Vulnerable Road UsersOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 1203Homeowners' AssociationsOrdered engrossed, then enrolled
2024HB 1227Tuskegee Airmen Commemoration DayOrdered enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 1329VeteransOrdered engrossed, then enrolled
2024CS/CS/HB 1389Digital VoyeurismOrdered enrolled
2024HB 7063Anti-human TraffickingOrdered engrossed, then enrolled
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