Vicki Lopez

Vicki Lopez is a longtime political activist who today runs Miami-based VLL Consulting. She is a former member of the Lee County Commission and served under three Governors, specializing in education, criminal and juvenile justice.

She has also served in numerous capacities within the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Her strong experience in government work, at a state and local level, makes her the right Candidate who will spearhead legislation that will promote Floridians quality of life and strengthen Florida Businesses!

Vicki Lopez, Republican, for State Representative

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Vicki Lopez, Republican, for State Representative
Vicki Lopez, Republican, for State Representative
Vicki Lopez, Republican, for State Representative
Vicki Lopez, Republican, for State Representative
Vicki Lopez, Republican, for State Representative

Vicki is endorsed by...

“Vicki is a strong believer in common sense government, and that is exactly what Florida needs right now. She is committed to enhancing our community’s quality of life, fighting to improve public safety, expand affordable housing, and preserve our environment. I completely endorse her campaign in District 113, I know she is the right candidate to serve us in the Florida House.”

Francis Suarez
Mayor of Miami, FL

“I am proud to endorse Vicki Lopez for HD 113. She is a tried-and-true leader who will never back down from a fight when the welfare of our communities is at stake. I am confident that she is the representative we need in Tallahassee, a strong advocate for government accountability and a champion for the issues important to the citizens of Miami-Dade.”

Vince Lago
Mayor of Coral Gables, FL

“The South Florida Police Benevolent Association is Proud to inform you of its endorsement for your candidacy for State House Representative District 113. As the South Florida PBA goes through the screening process, we try to select the very best. We feel that you are the best, and we wish you a successful campaign."

Steadman Stahl
President South Florida PBA

"Vicki’s fierce dedication to the state of Florida has been made evident through her passion for political activism and vast experience in government work. She is a strong believer in common sense leadership and the importance of personal responsibility, and I know that she will continue to uphold these principles in the Florida House.”

City Commissioner and Former Mayor

“I wholeheartedly believe that Vicki Lopez is the candidate we need to represent District 113 in Tallahassee. Throughout her extensive history in government work, she has been a strong advocate for the people of Miami, and I know she will continue to strengthen and improve the quality of life in our communities.”

City Commissioner

“DCMA PAC has decided to endorse Vicki Lopez because of her views towards healthcare and willingness to work with Physicians (MD & DO) of Miami Dade County for the well-being of patients and the community is general."

Angel Bosch-De Leon
Managing Director of the Dade County Medical Association

“The members of the South Florida Council of Firefighters proudly endorse Vicki Lopez and her campaign to represent District 113 in the Florida House. We have full faith in her ability to be a strong advocate for the issues important to our members and the first responder community, and we look forward to partnering with Vicki to promote public safety in Florida.”

John O’Brien
President of SFCFF

“Vicki will keep Florida’s future on the right track in Tallahassee. Like me, she is a strong believer in a commonsense government, a government that listens to the needs of its people and is always ready to take action. I wholeheartedly endorse her campaign in HD 113 because I know she will tirelessly serve her constituents and lead Miami-Dade with resolve.”

Carlos Gimenez
United States Congressman 

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The Issues Vicki Will Address

Vicki believes in common sense government that responds to the critical needs of its citizens. She is a strong supporter of limited government who believes in fiscal responsibility, the advancement of economic freedom and opportunity, affordable housing, and is an advocate for democracy.

Increasing Public Safety
Keeping our communities safe is one of Vicki’s biggest priorities. She supports:
• Increased funding for law enforcement officers and training programs.
• Criminal justice reform including funding for reentry programs to ensure those that offenders who return home to our   communities from jails and prisons are prepared to lead law-abiding and productive lives.
• Services aimed at supporting and protecting victims of crimes and/or their families.

Supporting First Responders
• Vicki supports continued funding of first responders’ pension funds and healthcare needs, especially those incurred as part of   their occupation.

Standing With Veterans
Vicki understands the responsibility and duty that Floridians have to support veterans living in our communities.
• Vicki supports military- and veteran-friendly programs and legislation that help those who have fought for their country.

Expanding Affordable Housing
• Vicki supports funding of affordable housing through the State and Local Housing Trust Funds created by the passage of the   Sadowski Act.

Strengthening Education
Vicki supports:
• Empowering parents through choice in their child’s education, including the option to attend charter or parochial schools.
• Increased funding for the state’s Early Learning programs.

Preserving the Environment
Vicki understands that Florida’s economy is linked to the environment. She supports a comprehensive statewide plan to address:
• The need for septic tank to sewer conversion.
• Water quality, sea level rise, and the protection of our natural resources.

Improving Mental Health
Vicki supports:
• Increase funding for mental health services both in the community and in schools, particularly because of the pandemic crisis.
• A comprehensive program to update Florida’s system for the delivery of behavioral health services.

Strengthening the Economy
Vicki supports:
• The elimination of overreaching and burdensome government regulations that are costly to businesses, especially small   businesses.
• Protecting professionals and individuals from frivolous lawsuits.

Providing Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
Vicki supports:
• Ensuring access to quality and affordable healthcare and provide more accountability of taxpayer dollars for service to the   citizens.
• An increase of healthcare clinics to provide primary care for indigents who traditionally go to emergency rooms where services   costs more.

Expanding Infrastructure
• As the state’s population has grown during the pandemic, Vicki supports responsible growth management to address the needs of   the growing population while protecting the environment.

Vicki will fight against Joe Biden’s failed economic policies and keep Florida as a Shining Example to the Nation.
• Vicki will support Pro-Florida Policies that combat Federal Overreach.


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